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One of the greatest common mistakes in pool is breaking power and how a break stick will sometimes not destroy and separate a rack well. The real destruction in separating a rack is accuracy and speed if you feel your self tensing up and trying to muscle a cue ball into the rack then you need to step back relax and give aq full stroke. Most people who sue power will tense up and not follow through with a cue shot into the rack. This is why nothing get separated.

A great excercise to just relax and when you fire your shot into the rack is to see where you cue stick extends to. After the break if your cue is not fully extended it probably from your tense cue shot. Relax and think flexible and we guarantee if you have a full stroke you will end up with a separated rack after the break assuming the rack is tight. Not to mention a good Break cue sticks can help incredible a most break cues are also combo jump cues.


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Predator pool cues are still top in the market with high-end pool cues. The new pool cue line has not changed much in style but in performance the Predator pool sticks are still the top of the line featuring elite professional players sponsored by Predator such as  Charlie Williams, Dennis Orcollo Gerda Hofstatter Jennifer Baretta, Ralf Souquet, and Chia-Ching Wu every one of these player represent predator cue sticks.

The predator Pool cues are custom made with highly pressed Irish linen and with a sure shot with every pool cues stick.

You can now get the full 2010 Predator pool cue line at Official PRO Sports everything from the predator pool cues, Predator Jump and break pool cues as well as the Predator cue shafts to replace on any stick.

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