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In billiards and pool I have learned never assume every pool hall or bar has the tools you need for success this include pool cue bridge heads. And especially in Pool halls because for every 20 sticks they may only have 1 cue stick bridge, and out of those bridges it may be impossible to find one immediately when you need it. Most pool cue shooters are rhythm shooters which means if you are in the zone, meaning you are shooting really well and you have to take 5 to 10 minutes to find a cue stick bridge you may sink out of your rhythm which may create a border of making your next shot. The best advice is to purchase your own pool bridge and buy a large cue stick case to hold it.

Create your own pool enviroment and always be prepared and this includes a good pool cue stick bride with you at all times.

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If you are any kind of pool player you know the importance of making sure your pool cue stick is taken care of 100% of the time. Fiber Glass cue sticks can be tricky some people use windex others use a little water and a rag but both of these methods should be an absolute last resort. Unlike wood Fiber glass will not warp in the same way, and in fact they degrade less then a wood shaft. Most player live and die by wood shafts but this comes down to personal choice.

CueTec pool cue stick company has created a specific fiber glass cue stick cleaner. This cleaner is not only for CueTec stick but for all fiberglass cue sticks this will help protect your cue stick while it cleans and its specific design will make sure your fiber glass cue looks great and shoots straight as long as you take care of the little maintenance. The CueTec stick fiber glass cleaner has been proven to be the number one fiber glass cue stick cleaner in the world.

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You may not play pool and billiards like Allison Fisher but having a pool cue stick just like hers does not hurt. Allison Fisher hall of fame women’s pool champion plays like a hawk swooping down and taking out the competition and that is why she is sponsored and plays with a CueTec cue sticks. Getting a pool cue that a professional player will trust is hard, and many of them go and get custom-made cues from proven cue stick makers and staying away from high-end cue stick manufacturers but Allison trust CueTec pool sticks. So much in fact they have developed a pool cue stick customized just for Fisher.

Now everyone and anyone can use the same cue stick that Fisher trusts with the backing of Cuetec cues and a signature on the butt that officially makes this cue an Allison Fisher promoted product. The pool cue she is using in the picture has a white clear colored butt, and 4 progn design across the top.  The shaft is Tru-Glide fiber glass and a clad maple shaft with a Veltex and Irish linen wrap for grip and cue ball control.

Official PRO Sports now offers the full CueTec professional player signature pool cue sticks from Allison Fisher and Earl Strickland.

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