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Every game room and bar that has a pool table needs a billiards rack stand to keep all of your pool equipment and gear all in one place looking great. The pool cue wall mounts are usually not enough, but if you want to add some fashion and style to the area with a pool table then we strongly suggest you use an actually billiards pool rack stand. And the best thing about thee stands is most of the time you can get them in all different colors and stains so to match the rest of the pool gaming area.

You can get all the specialty and name brand rack stands at Official PRO Sports where they have all the billiard supplies you need with the name brands you trust.

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Buying every single billiards pool table accessories individually can be a pain, so get everything in one shot with a complete pool accessories kits that comes with every thing you need to get your game room going instantly. Most complete pool cue sets are quickly manufactured and are poorly made. Official PRO Sports only carries the highest quality of complete pool sets with cues, triangles, pool cue racks, pool balls, and even pool stick bridges.

This offer is a better value for the customer because buying each individual item can run you over a thousands dollars but when you get a complete billiards pool table set you will be ready to rock and roll instantly at 1/3rd the cost. Official PRO Sports now offers complete billiards set from some of the hottest brands in the industry HJ Scott and Hampton Ridge Billiards.

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Keeping a Billiards Pool table in great condition can be hard, but with a little constant maintenance with a billiards pool table brush you can keep any billiards table clean and looking great while extending the life span of the pool felt. Before you select a pool table brush make sure you know what kind of felt you have, on a regular coin-op table or cheaper styles you can use any type of brush and nylon brushes are the cheapest around but if you are using a brush for a high-end table the best brush you can get is a Horse Hair Billiards Table Brush.

The reasoning for the different types of brushes is because of the felt, cheaper tables have a rougher and in some cases more durable felt that cause a cue ball to roll more slowly so using a nylon brush which is stiffer will be a perfect fit for these tables, the extra roughness in the felt allows a nylon brush to clean it quickly and smoth out the rougher tables. A high-end table with a Simonis type felt is smoother and used in the highest billiards tournaments around but because of the felt construction using a hard brush on this type of felt can cause knotting and degrade the felt quickly, always use a softer brush like horse hair brush to effectively clean these types of tables.

Brushing your table at least once a week, or if you are playing a lot once day can extend the life of your billiards pool table felt. This is important to keep your cue and pool balls rolling straight and for longer periods of time. Each time you shoot and strike your cue ball it should look like the balls are skating on ice in a straight line towards the pocket.

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The Pro Series Sport Pool Cue Cases is an instant favorite for protection of your pool cue stick and more importantly the style. These billiards pool cases are made of the same materials that give golf bags the protection they need and with a PVC inner lining and silk fabric inside they keep pool sticks dry and absolutely weathered free. Each Pool cue case is almost perfectly water proofed so the carrier never has to worry about rain fall or snow on the way to the pool hall or local bar and the sleek design with a Golf Bag look is very classic and fashionable.

The top small pocket and bottom large pockets on the pool case are huge and are able to carry every single pool accessory you need at your disposal. And each Pro Series Sports pool case comes with a large thick strap that will not cut into your shoulder and the large-sized Sport cases even have a padded middle for even more comfort. Pro Series Sport cases were developed with everything a pool player needs including a middle handle for easy carry with out using the shoulder strap.

This pool cue case is a must for professional pool players and pool players who love their cue stick they need more protection these heavy-duty cases will protect your pool cue in every angle and with its high-end construction with only high-quality materials you will be assured that you are getting maximum protection for your pool cue.

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Most billiards pool player who are using a stick with a wooden shaft do not need to use a pool glove or billiards glove unless that players has a problem with perspiration or even clammy hands. The reason why you would use a pool glove if you suffer from any of these is because when you have any type of moisture on your aiming hand the stick may vibrate or stick as you are sliding it through for the shot. A lot of pool player use chalk but chalk can get really messy and even leave imprints on the pool table. If a player does not suffer from ay type of perspiration or clammy hands the a pool glove would not be necessary but it does not hurt to have teh extra glide and stability that a billiards glove can offer.

Any pool player using a fiber glass cue stick need to use a billiards glove at all times. The reason why is the fiber glass surface on the shaft will almost immediately stick and vibrate across your hands because of the fiber glass materials and the non porous surface. When you stroke with a fiber glass shaft immediately you can feel a resistance stroking the cue only for a few second it will pick up any oils and perspiration, and even humidity in the room and will make for a horrible stroke shot. Wit a fiber glass cue you need to have a good fiber glass cleaner, and a good pool billiards glove to go with it. If you try to use chalk on a fiber glass cue you will find that you will need to use chalk almost all the time and will cause a ton of frustration.

Official PRO Sports now offers a huge selection of pool billiards gloves for men and women all types of colors and sizes. The Womens pool billiards gloves even have extra space on the tips of the gloves for females who want to wear a pool glove but have long finger nails. And the colors are everything from red, black, blue, to even cheetah print. Every type of glove for all pool occasions and make sure that you cue glove you purchase matches your stick color.

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In billiards and pool I have learned never assume every pool hall or bar has the tools you need for success this include pool cue bridge heads. And especially in Pool halls because for every 20 sticks they may only have 1 cue stick bridge, and out of those bridges it may be impossible to find one immediately when you need it. Most pool cue shooters are rhythm shooters which means if you are in the zone, meaning you are shooting really well and you have to take 5 to 10 minutes to find a cue stick bridge you may sink out of your rhythm which may create a border of making your next shot. The best advice is to purchase your own pool bridge and buy a large cue stick case to hold it.

Create your own pool enviroment and always be prepared and this includes a good pool cue stick bride with you at all times.

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If you are any kind of pool player you know the importance of making sure your pool cue stick is taken care of 100% of the time. Fiber Glass cue sticks can be tricky some people use windex others use a little water and a rag but both of these methods should be an absolute last resort. Unlike wood Fiber glass will not warp in the same way, and in fact they degrade less then a wood shaft. Most player live and die by wood shafts but this comes down to personal choice.

CueTec pool cue stick company has created a specific fiber glass cue stick cleaner. This cleaner is not only for CueTec stick but for all fiberglass cue sticks this will help protect your cue stick while it cleans and its specific design will make sure your fiber glass cue looks great and shoots straight as long as you take care of the little maintenance. The CueTec stick fiber glass cleaner has been proven to be the number one fiber glass cue stick cleaner in the world.

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You may not play pool and billiards like Allison Fisher but having a pool cue stick just like hers does not hurt. Allison Fisher hall of fame women’s pool champion plays like a hawk swooping down and taking out the competition and that is why she is sponsored and plays with a CueTec cue sticks. Getting a pool cue that a professional player will trust is hard, and many of them go and get custom-made cues from proven cue stick makers and staying away from high-end cue stick manufacturers but Allison trust CueTec pool sticks. So much in fact they have developed a pool cue stick customized just for Fisher.

Now everyone and anyone can use the same cue stick that Fisher trusts with the backing of Cuetec cues and a signature on the butt that officially makes this cue an Allison Fisher promoted product. The pool cue she is using in the picture has a white clear colored butt, and 4 progn design across the top.  The shaft is Tru-Glide fiber glass and a clad maple shaft with a Veltex and Irish linen wrap for grip and cue ball control.

Official PRO Sports now offers the full CueTec professional player signature pool cue sticks from Allison Fisher and Earl Strickland.

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Adrenaline Pool Cues are perfect for pool players on a budget made from Grade “A” North American Hard Rock maple for the shafts and the Butt of the stick is made of Premium Maple wood timber. Not to mention extra or replacement Adrenaline pool shafts are even more affordable if anything goes wrong. For the most part you get what you pay for with these cues they will last you at least 3 to 5 years of hard play but they are built to last and as straight as any other high-end cue stick. Each one also is covered in high gloss with a UV finish for protection with high impact XTR Fiber Ferrules and triangle tips.

These pool cues are prefect if you are just starting to play pool and not sure if you want to spend 200 dollars plus on a stick that may only be used once in a blue moon.

You can now view the complete Adrenaline Pool Cue line everything from pool cues, Adrenaline Pool Cases, Adrenaline Pool Shafts, Adrenaline Junior Cues, and more at Official PRO Sports who carry only the top pool cues in the market today.

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Insane Height with Ball Control is what makes the Air Hog Cue Sitck ® the hottest must have product on the market. Can’t jump a ball? Take the Air Hog® challenge. We guarantee you will be able to jump a ball in less than 5 tries. The Air Hog® was engineered with the newest jump technology on the market today. So whether you’re a pro or a beginner jumping a ball comes with ease. Take a look at the technology put into the Air Hog®. It’s amazing that such a little cue has such big performance.


The massive, super hard 14 mm bakelite tip provides a gigantic sweet spot — larger than any other jump cue on the market — that makes jumping practically effortless. It’s large size gives you more surface contact for higher jumps… greater control… and less chance of a miscue.


Hard, powerful hits are no danger to this amazingly strong high impact ferrule. Better yet, it’s lightweight, too, for good play on the ball. And Air Hog is the only jump cue that has it.


The shaft is coated with grey layer that helps prevent warping and gives your cue a longer life by providing a protective barrier to keep your cue from absorbing moisture. We top it off with a super slick surface treatment that lets the shaft glide smoothly through your fingers. It feels great on every shot you take, but it’s especially nice on those awkward shots from bad angles when a smooth stroke is critical to making the shot.


The Air Hog’s® extra lightweight butt lets you jump the ball further and easier, while our ergonomically flared easy grip gives you far greater control than you’ve ever experienced on a jump before


Grip technology™ boasts a distinctive
“S” pattern that provides unprecedented traction and stability for increased ball control. This allows for a more stable shot, translating into controlled “english” on the ball.


The X-Shox Dampening System™ features patent-pending shock-absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap. X-Shox™ significantly reduces impact shock vibration by more that 27% compared to other cues on the market, making even your most powerful jump easy on the arm.


You can get the Air Hog at only specific Lucasi Cues and Lucasi Hybrid Cues dealers that are geared for only the best in pool cues we suggest Official PRO Sports where the shipping is only 5 dollars and you will get your cue in only a few days. Official PRO sports is the leader in Professional Sports gear and apparel.

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