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The largest Pool League for amateur players in the APA American Pool Association  founded by professional pool players Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart in 1979 back where there was no existing unified pool league system. Now the APA can be found in almost ever major cit across the United States an have over 260,000 member, a franchise purchase, and expand into Canada.

American Pool Association is perfect for any Amateur player whether you are an extremely good or completely new to the game, its affordable each week and there are also winnable prizes each standard league season. Plus a chance to play yourself into a single or regional tournament with enough wins and a free trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for the APA Championships. With the APA handicap system it equalizes the paying field by a simple formula of player rank.

The most wonderful thing about the APA is the Friendships you acquire through your team and opponent play. Everything has strict rules but if all else fails there is a sportsman rule in the back of the handbook that said these rule can be over written if both teams agree. This way it limits any bad sportsmanship that may come up.

Basic rules are that slop counts, ball in hand on nothing hitting rails or incorrect ball shot, and call pocket on the 8 ball.

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