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Most billiards pool player who are using a stick with a wooden shaft do not need to use a pool glove or billiards glove unless that players has a problem with perspiration or even clammy hands. The reason why you would use a pool glove if you suffer from any of these is because when you have any type of moisture on your aiming hand the stick may vibrate or stick as you are sliding it through for the shot. A lot of pool player use chalk but chalk can get really messy and even leave imprints on the pool table. If a player does not suffer from ay type of perspiration or clammy hands the a pool glove would not be necessary but it does not hurt to have teh extra glide and stability that a billiards glove can offer.

Any pool player using a fiber glass cue stick need to use a billiards glove at all times. The reason why is the fiber glass surface on the shaft will almost immediately stick and vibrate across your hands because of the fiber glass materials and the non porous surface. When you stroke with a fiber glass shaft immediately you can feel a resistance stroking the cue only for a few second it will pick up any oils and perspiration, and even humidity in the room and will make for a horrible stroke shot. Wit a fiber glass cue you need to have a good fiber glass cleaner, and a good pool billiards glove to go with it. If you try to use chalk on a fiber glass cue you will find that you will need to use chalk almost all the time and will cause a ton of frustration.

Official PRO Sports now offers a huge selection of pool billiards gloves for men and women all types of colors and sizes. The Womens pool billiards gloves even have extra space on the tips of the gloves for females who want to wear a pool glove but have long finger nails. And the colors are everything from red, black, blue, to even cheetah print. Every type of glove for all pool occasions and make sure that you cue glove you purchase matches your stick color.

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