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If you are any kind of pool player you know the importance of making sure your pool cue stick is taken care of 100% of the time. Fiber Glass cue sticks can be tricky some people use windex others use a little water and a rag but both of these methods should be an absolute last resort. Unlike wood Fiber glass will not warp in the same way, and in fact they degrade less then a wood shaft. Most player live and die by wood shafts but this comes down to personal choice.

CueTec pool cue stick company has created a specific fiber glass cue stick cleaner. This cleaner is not only for CueTec stick but for all fiberglass cue sticks this will help protect your cue stick while it cleans and its specific design will make sure your fiber glass cue looks great and shoots straight as long as you take care of the little maintenance. The CueTec stick fiber glass cleaner has been proven to be the number one fiber glass cue stick cleaner in the world.

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