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Keeping a Billiards Pool table in great condition can be hard, but with a little constant maintenance with a billiards pool table brush you can keep any billiards table clean and looking great while extending the life span of the pool felt. Before you select a pool table brush make sure you know what kind of felt you have, on a regular coin-op table or cheaper styles you can use any type of brush and nylon brushes are the cheapest around but if you are using a brush for a high-end table the best brush you can get is a Horse Hair Billiards Table Brush.

The reasoning for the different types of brushes is because of the felt, cheaper tables have a rougher and in some cases more durable felt that cause a cue ball to roll more slowly so using a nylon brush which is stiffer will be a perfect fit for these tables, the extra roughness in the felt allows a nylon brush to clean it quickly and smoth out the rougher tables. A high-end table with a Simonis type felt is smoother and used in the highest billiards tournaments around but because of the felt construction using a hard brush on this type of felt can cause knotting and degrade the felt quickly, always use a softer brush like horse hair brush to effectively clean these types of tables.

Brushing your table at least once a week, or if you are playing a lot once day can extend the life of your billiards pool table felt. This is important to keep your cue and pool balls rolling straight and for longer periods of time. Each time you shoot and strike your cue ball it should look like the balls are skating on ice in a straight line towards the pocket.

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