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3 ball pool rackThis game is perfect for average players and advanced players the object is to line up three balls on the breaking dot then break as well as take the least amount of shot possible to make all three balls quickly. OR you can modify the game for advanced players and make it timed as well in other work who can run all three ball in the quickest time possible.

What this game really allows your to practice (without the timed runs) is to make open shots on the pool table with a little stress meaning the less shots you take the better it is for you to win. You can have unlimited players play this game but its best with around 10. At the end of each round who ever has the least amount of shots to get in three balls is the winner but if there is a tie it rolls over to the next round until there is a straight winner. Some of the best shots are usually around 2 or 3 while making 1 or 2 pool balls on the break.

The times shots run will get you used to playing under pressure since its times you have to get ready on your next shot quickly and follow the cue ball to make the next shot. I think this game is an absolute must for advanced players only because if its times and to get the lowest time there is the extra pressure of making your shot quickly and effectively, stops shots are preferable to win at the times games. You should always practice how you play and if you are under extreme amount of stress and pressure this will train you to control your mind and body under strenuous situations. But good advice is play it like a NAVY SEAL smooth is fast, and fast is smooth so don’t get jerky, stay calm, and have confidence.

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pool rack

A great three player game is “Cut Throat” where you rack a full rack of 15 balls then out of the three players one person breaks you can choose by any order you feel fell or a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors can be the chooser. After the ball break if no ball are sunk then the next person will shoot, if a ball is sunk then the first person will have the ability to choose which set of balls is his or hers. The three sets are 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 the object of the game is to sink everyone ball on the table and keep your balls on the table. So the the breaker sinks a 12 it is advantageous to choose one of the other sets preferably the one hardest to sink.

So example is if player 1 chooses the 6-10 ball and then runs the table out of all 1-5 and 11-15 then they are proclaimed the winner, but if player 1 misses the next shot and player 2 sinks a ball then chooses 11-15 the thier goal is to sink all of the other balls except 11-15.

If all of all the balls of a set get sunk in the middle of that game that player is eliminated and so forth until there is only one person standing.

There are shark rules involved such as you may shoot your own set of balls in to get to another shot or to no give up a turn, so if player 1 is still Set 6 -10 and there are only 2 choices to sink their own ball or lose the turn they may sink their own ball to get to another as long as they have enough balls on the table to keep playing.

If there is a scratch the next player in line get ball in hand and can place the cue ball anywhere on the table they choose.

This game is a more fun for three game and not very challenging at all for above average pool player but it is a great game if you have odd people at the table or just a three pack of friends with a possible 12 pack of booze.

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