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Gordon Hart began constructing pool cues in the basement of his home in the 1960’s. Once perfected, Gordon would travel to tournaments selling the two-piece pool cues. Within a short time his pool cue became popular with top players and Viking Cues Mfg. Inc was born.  Viking Cues popularity grew so rapidly that Gordon had no other decision but to expand to their current location in Madison, Wisconsin. Once expanded, Gordon began production in both the United States and abroad. Since the beginnings the company has always been a family business all of Gordon Hart’s children have been involved and now the third generation of the Harts are working for the company.
In the mid 1980’s the movie Color of Money was released and with it the billiard industry experienced a phenomenal growth and changed forever. As a result Viking Cues invested in state-of-the-art equipment to insure a quality product. With doing so Viking Cues became a household name and positioned themselves as a leader in the billiard industry. Viking Cues with their craftsmanship and state-of-the-art machinery continue to produce a flawless, quality, two-piece pool cues.
Viking pool cues range in style, variety, and price. They have a cue to fit every budget; prices range from $170-$1400. Viking has 12 different series of pool cues to choose from; the newest of series are the Vortex, Negotiator, Twisted, Dominator, Crown Jewel, and the No Luck Needed. If these aren’t to your liking they have their always high quality standard built G-Series, F-Series, W-Series, and the Decues Series. They also offer the Fat Daddy break and jump series along with their Harley Davidson Cue Series. Viking Cues also has a customize option for those who know what style they like but want to add their own touch and flare.

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McDermott Handcrafted Cues has consistently raised the standard in what billiard players expect from a high quality pool cue. McDermott only uses the latest technology and the finest materials in the world. McDermott finds their inspiration through introducing new products and technology. They find challenge in developing better performance products and are dedicated to the development of new product through the need to step up the game. A process that includes over 150 separate producers in the construction of each cue is utilized. Each shaft is hand crafted from the finest Kiln-dried, North American Hard Rock maple and is turned 11 times for stability. Exotic woods from around the world are used for all forearms, handles, and sleeves.

As a leader in supporting the industry through tournaments and billiard events, McDermott shows that if it’s important to the customer it’s important to them. Through live events, online promotions and social networking McDermott strives to support the sport of billiards. If you’re in need of a cue, McDermott has them. McDermott offers a wide range, the McDermott, Element, Star, Lucky, Stinger Jump/Break, Sledgehammer, are the standard and proven pool cues. The Prodigy for the little tikes who are eager to learn and play, also perfect for small spaces and tables, The Zorro named after the famous “Z” himself. McDermott has also partnered up with Orange County Choppers for a line of pool cues, same high quality built with a little metal and a lot of attitude. If you have the cue and need an extra shaft McDermott has you covered there, with the G-Core, I-Shaft, Big Boy, and their standard Maple Shaft.

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Buying every single billiards pool table accessories individually can be a pain, so get everything in one shot with a complete pool accessories kits that comes with every thing you need to get your game room going instantly. Most complete pool cue sets are quickly manufactured and are poorly made. Official PRO Sports only carries the highest quality of complete pool sets with cues, triangles, pool cue racks, pool balls, and even pool stick bridges.

This offer is a better value for the customer because buying each individual item can run you over a thousands dollars but when you get a complete billiards pool table set you will be ready to rock and roll instantly at 1/3rd the cost. Official PRO Sports now offers complete billiards set from some of the hottest brands in the industry HJ Scott and Hampton Ridge Billiards.

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In billiards and pool I have learned never assume every pool hall or bar has the tools you need for success this include pool cue bridge heads. And especially in Pool halls because for every 20 sticks they may only have 1 cue stick bridge, and out of those bridges it may be impossible to find one immediately when you need it. Most pool cue shooters are rhythm shooters which means if you are in the zone, meaning you are shooting really well and you have to take 5 to 10 minutes to find a cue stick bridge you may sink out of your rhythm which may create a border of making your next shot. The best advice is to purchase your own pool bridge and buy a large cue stick case to hold it.

Create your own pool enviroment and always be prepared and this includes a good pool cue stick bride with you at all times.

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You may not play pool and billiards like Allison Fisher but having a pool cue stick just like hers does not hurt. Allison Fisher hall of fame women’s pool champion plays like a hawk swooping down and taking out the competition and that is why she is sponsored and plays with a CueTec cue sticks. Getting a pool cue that a professional player will trust is hard, and many of them go and get custom-made cues from proven cue stick makers and staying away from high-end cue stick manufacturers but Allison trust CueTec pool sticks. So much in fact they have developed a pool cue stick customized just for Fisher.

Now everyone and anyone can use the same cue stick that Fisher trusts with the backing of Cuetec cues and a signature on the butt that officially makes this cue an Allison Fisher promoted product. The pool cue she is using in the picture has a white clear colored butt, and 4 progn design across the top.  The shaft is Tru-Glide fiber glass and a clad maple shaft with a Veltex and Irish linen wrap for grip and cue ball control.

Official PRO Sports now offers the full CueTec professional player signature pool cue sticks from Allison Fisher and Earl Strickland.

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When you or and opponent is racking the most important this is always, always, always, let the racker clear before breaking a rack. First of all the noise of the rack can scare or startle the person who just rack a nice set of ball for you.  And the second best reason is that if it’s a wild break you do not want to hit your opponent, especially in the face, with the cue ball this may create a little aggression towards the breaker of the balls.

Personally if someone broke a rack while I was still barely leaving I might have to give them a warning asking them nicely to not do that again, the second time a chair may be thrown.

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One of the greatest common mistakes in pool is breaking power and how a break stick will sometimes not destroy and separate a rack well. The real destruction in separating a rack is accuracy and speed if you feel your self tensing up and trying to muscle a cue ball into the rack then you need to step back relax and give aq full stroke. Most people who sue power will tense up and not follow through with a cue shot into the rack. This is why nothing get separated.

A great excercise to just relax and when you fire your shot into the rack is to see where you cue stick extends to. After the break if your cue is not fully extended it probably from your tense cue shot. Relax and think flexible and we guarantee if you have a full stroke you will end up with a separated rack after the break assuming the rack is tight. Not to mention a good Break cue sticks can help incredible a most break cues are also combo jump cues.

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