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BreathingOne of the most important things to remember or focus on in pool is breathing most people that have played in organized sports will tell you breathing comes from the diaphragm and should be something you focusing on while working out or delivering a sports motion, and doing it on a pool table is no different. Watching people play billiards for year I have found the most common bad habit is  holding your breath before and during a stroked shot. When you hold your breath during a shot your body will automatically tighten up and you will feel tense, and in most cases you will rush your shot.

A good basic way to overcome this is when you bend over the pool table to line up your cue ball on the shot is to take a couple of line up practice stroke by pumping your cue stick behind the cue ball and make sure you are breathing while you are doing it and just before you take your real shot inhale when you being your stick back and exhale as you shoot the cue ball. Also if you are about to shoot the cue ball and something doesn’t feel right its always a great idea to get up form the shot take a deep breath then continue this way you reset your body and mind.

The point of breathing is pool is relaxation of your body and muscles, a tense body will give you a tense shot while will in turn give your failed results. Plus if you get into a bind on any shot taking a deep breath and relaxing before you walk up to the table will give you more options to your present mind state. Think about a very tense person who gets into a situation and panics there is no thought process going through their brains except how the messed up or what kind of trouble they are in. Always remember by breathing and focusing on your breathing will relax your mind and body and give you the opportunity to have a perfect clarity to any pool shot.

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How To shoot poolShooting pool can seem like the most simple things in the world but if you are a starter pool player there are 3 key things you need to really focus on while shooting.

The first is selecting a good straight pool cue stick. You would think this would be easy and any cue will do but if you are playing pool at a bar where there are use pool cues everywhere first start out by find the right length cue it should be about chest level the the weight should feel average not too heavy or light. Then make sure its straight unless you’ve purchased your own cue and gone through these tests a bar cue is usually worn and warped and has a bow in it, find on that is as straight and possible and you can test it by rolling it across a table and you will see wiggles and wave across the shaft if it’s a straight cue stick or not. Most of the time if you are picking up a stick on the wall its going to have some imperfections so just go with the flow and find the best possible.

The second thing is your stroke. Your stroke should be as close to you body as possible you can even rest it across your waist or if you are a girl below your <cough> bosom. Your elbow should work and a pendulum and should be and easy and clean stroke, take a few practice shot on a cue ball before playing and see how straight your shot is. Bring your cue stick back loosely in your hand and flow straight forward increasing the pressure between you hands and your stick for a straight smooth shot across the felt.

The third thing is probably the most important even for above average players. Keep down on the shot at all times, because even the best of players accidentally pop up after striking the cue ball. This usually happens when you are not concentrating or hurrying up your shot. When you bend over the pool table and pull back your stick and shoot forward make sure you stay as low to the table as possible and and still as possible until you see the cue ball leave the stick. Straightening your back mid shot will change the shot completely. For advanced players your English shot on the ball will be pulled down on the cue and for starting players this may cause your shot to jerk so dramatically you will pull your shots all over the place except what you are aiming for. So make sure you stay down on the shot and pretend there is a weight on your back keeping you still.

With these techniques, especially for beginner this will improve your game by 200% I promise that. And for advanced player when you are not shooting as well as you should always go back to the basics of pool this will calm your shot down and keep you from getting discourage. At least it will keep you thinking about your technique and not about the stresses of the one on one game itself.

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Corner Pocket PoolIf you have master the art of shooting pool balls straight into the pockets it is important to remember other than keeping low and looking straight down the shaft of your cue that a good long mild stroke will always beat a shooter who is slamming balls around a table. The reason why is that rails are soft and are meant to compress. Plus if you shoot hard you have a higher rate of inaccurate shot. Most players who shoot harder, and harder are either 2 things. Inexperienced shooters, or they are trying to intimidate you or the crowd in some way.

Shooting into a pool ball into any pocket should be a very nice finesse calm shot with follow through. This way if you are a little off target when it hits the pocket corners it follows its Pattern and drops into the pocket. A great example of seeing this is when a shooter shoots too hard and it barley hits a corner it rattles back and forth in between a corner pocket, the reason why is when it hits the corner it compresses the rail which will change the complete angle of the shot itself. To prove this all you have to do is walk up to one of these pockets and press one the corner of the pocket, notice it sinks in. Now imagine you shooting a ball hard into that corner with the compression, you have now changed your angle completely and this is why pool palls rattle inside of pockets.

Pool is a complete game of finesse, watch the professionals if you notice none of them shoot hard or make any loud pocket noises. The reason why is they are taking their time with nice smooth long strokes and not focusing on power at all. So shooting hard does not force a pool balls or billard balls in, but a slower smooth shot can save you shot if you are a little off.

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