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Don’t throw away your pool cue sitck you have been using for years just because the stick is warped, most of the time the only thing warped on a pool cue is the Shaft and most people disregard that the handle is that hardest part to warp. You can get a new and possibly even a better shaft for your cue if you know that type of hole and screw you are dealing with everything from Uni-loc to 18 ribbed but its best to do the research on your own or take it to a professional and allow them to tell you which shafts will fit.

To find out if your shaft or handle is warped twist it apart to the two separate pieces, if you ahve a one piece cue leave it as is. now find a completely flat surface (you can use a pool table) and roll it across gently observing if the stick, shaft, or handle have a wave in te roll. If the pieces are straight it will roll across with no wave or bends, if it is warped you will see a bump or wobble when rolled. If you have a one piece cue roll it a few time because it may be harder to see, if your one piece cue is warped unfortunately you are looking to buy a new cue all together and same will apply if your handle is warped.

If the shaft only is warped there are many places where you can find a replacement our sister company Official Pro Sorts has a huge selection of cue shafts from Lucasi, Arsenal, and Predator. Each one has it own unique uses but the one difference between all of te shaft manufacturers is Lucasi Shafts seem to have the better life tim warranty replacing any shaft that is damaged or warped for a life time guarantee.

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