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One of the greatest common mistakes in pool is breaking power and how a break stick will sometimes not destroy and separate a rack well. The real destruction in separating a rack is accuracy and speed if you feel your self tensing up and trying to muscle a cue ball into the rack then you need to step back relax and give aq full stroke. Most people who sue power will tense up and not follow through with a cue shot into the rack. This is why nothing get separated.

A great excercise to just relax and when you fire your shot into the rack is to see where you cue stick extends to. After the break if your cue is not fully extended it probably from your tense cue shot. Relax and think flexible and we guarantee if you have a full stroke you will end up with a separated rack after the break assuming the rack is tight. Not to mention a good Break cue sticks can help incredible a most break cues are also combo jump cues.

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Predator pool cues are still top in the market with high-end pool cues. The new pool cue line has not changed much in style but in performance the Predator pool sticks are still the top of the line featuring elite professional players sponsored by Predator such as  Charlie Williams, Dennis Orcollo Gerda Hofstatter Jennifer Baretta, Ralf Souquet, and Chia-Ching Wu every one of these player represent predator cue sticks.

The predator Pool cues are custom made with highly pressed Irish linen and with a sure shot with every pool cues stick.

You can now get the full 2010 Predator pool cue line at Official PRO Sports everything from the predator pool cues, Predator Jump and break pool cues as well as the Predator cue shafts to replace on any stick.

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3D2 Pool cue sticks are different from anything else in the Billiards and pool market today. These new cues have an insane pewter painted model incased in pure acrylic plastic and are different than any other cue on the market. Truth be told the original 3D cue sticks were built for looks but were destroyed in played. But the company that produces the Hampton Billiards have perfected the cue and are now called 3D2 pool cues. The original cue would warp and fall apart which would make consumers extremely unhappy. But the new 3D2 pool cues are constructed for looks and playability.

Hampton Ridge has now made a pool cues that is gorgeous to look at and with all the ability of a really playing pool cue. Each one has a hand painted pewter item incase in a pure acrylic plastic pool cue butt. And incredible reliable hit and sweet spot for extreme pool shot control. High impact XTR ferrules for maximum feel with  a premium maple timber butt to insure straight gran and reliability. Cover in a UV gloss finish for higher protection against the weather elements and an Irish linen wrap for grip and stroke control.

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Adrenaline Pool Cues are perfect for pool players on a budget made from Grade “A” North American Hard Rock maple for the shafts and the Butt of the stick is made of Premium Maple wood timber. Not to mention extra or replacement Adrenaline pool shafts are even more affordable if anything goes wrong. For the most part you get what you pay for with these cues they will last you at least 3 to 5 years of hard play but they are built to last and as straight as any other high-end cue stick. Each one also is covered in high gloss with a UV finish for protection with high impact XTR Fiber Ferrules and triangle tips.

These pool cues are prefect if you are just starting to play pool and not sure if you want to spend 200 dollars plus on a stick that may only be used once in a blue moon.

You can now view the complete Adrenaline Pool Cue line everything from pool cues, Adrenaline Pool Cases, Adrenaline Pool Shafts, Adrenaline Junior Cues, and more at Official PRO Sports who carry only the top pool cues in the market today.

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The largest Pool League for amateur players in the APA American Pool Association  founded by professional pool players Terry Bell and Larry Hubbart in 1979 back where there was no existing unified pool league system. Now the APA can be found in almost ever major cit across the United States an have over 260,000 member, a franchise purchase, and expand into Canada.

American Pool Association is perfect for any Amateur player whether you are an extremely good or completely new to the game, its affordable each week and there are also winnable prizes each standard league season. Plus a chance to play yourself into a single or regional tournament with enough wins and a free trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for the APA Championships. With the APA handicap system it equalizes the paying field by a simple formula of player rank.

The most wonderful thing about the APA is the Friendships you acquire through your team and opponent play. Everything has strict rules but if all else fails there is a sportsman rule in the back of the handbook that said these rule can be over written if both teams agree. This way it limits any bad sportsmanship that may come up.

Basic rules are that slop counts, ball in hand on nothing hitting rails or incorrect ball shot, and call pocket on the 8 ball.

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Insane Height with Ball Control is what makes the Air Hog Cue Sitck ® the hottest must have product on the market. Can’t jump a ball? Take the Air Hog® challenge. We guarantee you will be able to jump a ball in less than 5 tries. The Air Hog® was engineered with the newest jump technology on the market today. So whether you’re a pro or a beginner jumping a ball comes with ease. Take a look at the technology put into the Air Hog®. It’s amazing that such a little cue has such big performance.


The massive, super hard 14 mm bakelite tip provides a gigantic sweet spot — larger than any other jump cue on the market — that makes jumping practically effortless. It’s large size gives you more surface contact for higher jumps… greater control… and less chance of a miscue.


Hard, powerful hits are no danger to this amazingly strong high impact ferrule. Better yet, it’s lightweight, too, for good play on the ball. And Air Hog is the only jump cue that has it.


The shaft is coated with grey layer that helps prevent warping and gives your cue a longer life by providing a protective barrier to keep your cue from absorbing moisture. We top it off with a super slick surface treatment that lets the shaft glide smoothly through your fingers. It feels great on every shot you take, but it’s especially nice on those awkward shots from bad angles when a smooth stroke is critical to making the shot.


The Air Hog’s® extra lightweight butt lets you jump the ball further and easier, while our ergonomically flared easy grip gives you far greater control than you’ve ever experienced on a jump before


Grip technology™ boasts a distinctive
“S” pattern that provides unprecedented traction and stability for increased ball control. This allows for a more stable shot, translating into controlled “english” on the ball.


The X-Shox Dampening System™ features patent-pending shock-absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap. X-Shox™ significantly reduces impact shock vibration by more that 27% compared to other cues on the market, making even your most powerful jump easy on the arm.


You can get the Air Hog at only specific Lucasi Cues and Lucasi Hybrid Cues dealers that are geared for only the best in pool cues we suggest Official PRO Sports where the shipping is only 5 dollars and you will get your cue in only a few days. Official PRO sports is the leader in Professional Sports gear and apparel.

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Want the competitive edge in Pool or Billiards?

Lucasi knows how important your game is to you. so we have taken each part of the cue — from the tip to the butt — and then, through extensive testing, identified the best technologies that bring the highest performance to that part of the cue. As you’ll see in this catalog, these technologies bring you more accuracy… greater ball control… a more solid hit… less vibration… reduced deflection… a smoother stroke… and an increased  level of comfort. Your confidence will surge as you hit the ball harder… more accurate… and with more control than ever before. discover all the remarkable technological innovation that are part of every Lucasi Hybrid.

1. Cue Butt Technology – Lucasi Hybrid’s unique four-piece butt construction brings increased durability to your cue, reduces vibration, and gives you a solid hit. Helping you take a straighter more accurate shot every time.

2. G5 Grip Technology for Superior Stability – Grip Technology™ boasts a distinctive collection of patterns that provides unprecedented traction and stability for increased ball control. This allows for a more stable shot, translating into controlled “English” on the ball.

3. X-Shox Dampening System for more comfort – The X-shox dampening system™ features patent-pending shock-absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap.  X-shox™ significantly reduces impact shock by shielding the vibration by more that 27% compared to other cues on the market. making even your most powerful shot will be easy on the arm

4. Maesteri 8 Layer Tip for Maximum Control and Consistency – Eight layers of the highest quality pigskin leather,  each layer cut to a uniform thickness and is checked for hardness, then laminated together with a special vacuum sealing process that creates a tip with a uniform response… giving you more feel and feedback in every stroke… dramatically reduces deflection… and brings you maximum control and consistency.

5. TSC For Ultimate Performance – Total sweet spot Construction (TsC)™ is a special 8-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, transferring your energy into unmatched power and ultimate control.

6. Zero Flexpoint for Dead-on Accuracy or Zero Flex Slim for an even Greater Performance:

 – Go Zero! 12.75mm Zero Flexpoint Hybrid shaft is engineered with all of today’s latest technology enhancements. An 8-piece radial construction, the ferrule drastically reduced deflection through it’s special polymer/ lightweight core and is topped off with a masteri tip for ultimate ball control. 

 – GO Slim! The Zero Flex slim 11.75mm Hybrid shaft was  engineered to enhance the technology of the Zero Flexpoint  shaft. We’ve created a slimline tapper, and a shortened core and  ferrule to offer a shaft with even lower deflection. Zero Flex Slim is the greatest tool for any player.

You can now get all of you favorite Lucasi products, Lucasi Pool Cues, and Lucasi Hybrid Cues  at Official PRO Sports the leader in pro sports apparel and merchandise.

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