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McDermott Handcrafted Cues has consistently raised the standard in what billiard players expect from a high quality pool cue. McDermott only uses the latest technology and the finest materials in the world. McDermott finds their inspiration through introducing new products and technology. They find challenge in developing better performance products and are dedicated to the development of new product through the need to step up the game. A process that includes over 150 separate producers in the construction of each cue is utilized. Each shaft is hand crafted from the finest Kiln-dried, North American Hard Rock maple and is turned 11 times for stability. Exotic woods from around the world are used for all forearms, handles, and sleeves.

As a leader in supporting the industry through tournaments and billiard events, McDermott shows that if it’s important to the customer it’s important to them. Through live events, online promotions and social networking McDermott strives to support the sport of billiards. If you’re in need of a cue, McDermott has them. McDermott offers a wide range, the McDermott, Element, Star, Lucky, Stinger Jump/Break, Sledgehammer, are the standard and proven pool cues. The Prodigy for the little tikes who are eager to learn and play, also perfect for small spaces and tables, The Zorro named after the famous “Z” himself. McDermott has also partnered up with Orange County Choppers for a line of pool cues, same high quality built with a little metal and a lot of attitude. If you have the cue and need an extra shaft McDermott has you covered there, with the G-Core, I-Shaft, Big Boy, and their standard Maple Shaft.

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Players Pool CuePlayers Pool Cues are perfect for all types of players and for the price you pay for these hand made cues it’s a steal for the quality and precision you get.  The Players pool cue in the image is classically styled to a natural stained birds-eye maple forearm with four reverse overlay black veneer points, simulated black wrap, white phenolic joint collar, black with white ring sets and a natural stained birds-eye maple butt sleeve with four reverse overlay black veneer points.

And if you do not know what all of that means then we will make it clear for 50 bucks you are getting a sweet pool cue that will last a long time while looking sharp. Players pool cues are made with the intention will will be shooting allot with it and so its effectiveness is base on a durable wood with a beautiful stain so you can shoot well, while looking good.

We recommend Players Pool cue for beginner starting up there are so many other no name brands for 20 to 50 bucks at your local Wal-Mart or Target but those cues are massed produced and horribly made and what that means is the stick may not be straight, it may warp easily, or the tip was made to fall off after only a few game sets. But with a Players cue you get a good quality pool cue stick for a very good price.

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