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You may not play pool and billiards like Allison Fisher but having a pool cue stick just like hers does not hurt. Allison Fisher hall of fame women’s pool champion plays like a hawk swooping down and taking out the competition and that is why she is sponsored and plays with a CueTec cue sticks. Getting a pool cue that a professional player will trust is hard, and many of them go and get custom-made cues from proven cue stick makers and staying away from high-end cue stick manufacturers but Allison trust CueTec pool sticks. So much in fact they have developed a pool cue stick customized just for Fisher.

Now everyone and anyone can use the same cue stick that Fisher trusts with the backing of Cuetec cues and a signature on the butt that officially makes this cue an Allison Fisher promoted product. The pool cue she is using in the picture has a white clear colored butt, and 4 progn design across the top.  The shaft is Tru-Glide fiber glass and a clad maple shaft with a Veltex and Irish linen wrap for grip and cue ball control.

Official PRO Sports now offers the full CueTec professional player signature pool cue sticks from Allison Fisher and Earl Strickland.

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Our Inspiration: It all starts with You!

The future of our game is you, your children, and your grandchildren. And at Lucasi Custom Cues, we take that future seriously. You see, passion for the game runs through three generations of our family. And it was that passion that led our founder Jim Lucas to design and manufacture the first Lucasi custom cue back in 1991. Lucasi continues to be a family-run company and we’re dedicated to spreading the good news about how much fun it is to play pool with friends and family. Not to mention how great it feels to make a tough shot or to finally beat your toughest competitor. Join 2 million Lucasi players and “Feel the Rush of Winning”.

Our Goal: to push you to limits of greatness!

And we want you to feel that rush of winning again and again. That’s why we’ve spent more than 17 years fine tuning and perfecting what are now the best performing cues on the market: Lucasi Cues. Whether you like the traditional hit and feel of Lucasi or you want the technology enhanced hit of a Lucasi Hybrid is up to you. Either way each cue is packed with features sure to give you a competitive edge to take the

Our Lifetime Guarantee: even against warpage!

Your Lucasi cue is backed by a 100% Lifetime Guarantee — even against warping. When you play with a Lucasi cue, you must be 100% satisfied with your experience. You must love your Lucasi cue’s amazing accuracy… its rare beauty… and the wonderful hit you experience when it strikes the cue ball. And the cue must never warp. Otherwise, simply let us know and provide a copy of your original receipt, and we’ll repair it or replace it with no questions asked.

Where you can get Lucasi Hybrids

You can now get all of the professional and starter Lucasi Pool Cue sticks and Lucasi Hybrids at Official PRO Sports the leader in Professional sports gear and apparel.

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Known as one of the hottest pool cue stick manufacturer Lucasi Pool Cues have now reach a new generation of pool cue make, style, and high-end design. check out this commercial and you will see what the sleek new cues coming out to the market are with their quick lock design and lifetime warranty it is no wonder that Lucasi Hybrid Cues may become the next high-end cue stick brand. Using one for the first time get a little frightening because te shaft and handle feel almost too smooth and straight, the lock joints are usually a sign of a bad cue because most lock joints will fail within a few years. But as soon as you lock the cue and shaft together you will notice there is almost a suction type grip between the two parts the this 2 piece cue almost feel like one full stick.  Shooting with a Lucasi took no time to get used to as the straight in line shots feel magnificent in each stroke and you don’t feel much friction or shake wit every hit. Developed in the United States and the company feels that even though they are coming in the billiards game late in the market they feel that when you use a Lucasi there is no substitute for their product.

Lucasi cues are warranted to be free from material and manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the cue. Lucasi warrants all components, including warpage provided that your cue is accompanied by a copy of the original sales receipt from an authorized Lucasi dealer. Normal wear on replaceable parts such as tips, finish and wraps are not covered under this warranty. Lucasi does not warrant its product against damage caused by third parties. In addition, Lucasi at its sole discretion, may void this warranty if there is evidence of abuse or mishandling. Cues covered by this warranty will be repaired or replaced with the same model or one of equal value at no charge. This warranty is non-transferable.

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Holding a pool cue and getting ready to shoot should always feel comfortable as well as stable. Many new player hold their stick on top of their hand like a bridge holding up a bus and in may cases if you were brought up to shoot like that this can feel very natural the problem with this hold is that it has a higher percentage of moving around on top of your hand if your knuckles are not completely stable. It is much better to hold your cue stick above your index finger and curl your middle finger over the cue stick this will add more stability while you are shooting as well and give you a sure shot no matter where you are aiming. The real key is to bend your arm and preferably on the table so that your full arm acts as a bi-pod or tripod that will add indefinite amount of stability on a pool table.

Mastering this hold will also allow you to work on what is really important in a pool game which is stroke, using other above hand techniqeus will mess up your stroke because you are now shooting from various angle instead of one. Plus with the hand bridge technique shooting over a ball limits your stability and forces you to shoot off your finger tips and will decrease your confidence level if you ahve to mess with it too much while you are shooting on the felt.

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